TERMS & Conditions

Payments & Fees

What Methods of Payment are Accepted
– Payments are to be sent Via Interac E-transfer or Interac Online Payments

Where Do I send Payment
Email address for payments will be provided at checkout.
Please Take Note of the Question & Answer information provided at checkout.

When Do I send Payment
Orders are processed in the order payments are received.
Send Payment Immediately upon completing checkout and receiving your Question & Answer for your EMT.

Why is Payment Required before Processing
Due to limited availability on all products, items are only able to be held for a maximum of 48 hours before inventory is released to fill other orders.
Orders are processed in the order Payments are received.
Quick Payment ensures your order will be able to be filled & shipped in a timely manner.

How will I be Notified my order has Shipped?
Once the orders has been filled, tracking information will be provided via Canada Post.
Your order will be updated with a Tracking Number to verify items has been shipped.